Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Tom Stevens a Pedophile, or just a Liar and Sociopath?

Thomas Stevens, a Fresh Meadows, NY resident, has made quite the spectacle of himself lately ever since being expelled from the Libertarian Party of New York.

Chris Cantwell, who is a Libertarian Party of NY State Committeeman, as well as Director of Outreach for the  Libertarian Party of Suffolk County, and Assistant Organizer for the Suffolk County Campaign for Liberty said

Since the name of this blog is "Mocking Tom Stevens" I'm going to write about myself in the third person like he does. It feels absolutely ridiculous, and I don't understand how Stevens manages to do it so frequently.

In any case, Stevens is a serious problem and I'm proud to have put into action the motion which got him expelled from the Libertarian Party of New York. Stevens has been accused of raping children and soliciting the murder of his political rivals in the past. He has made a mockery of the Libertarian Party and some suspect he has used it as a vehicle with which to lure young men into sexual encounters with him. Nobody is sure if Tom Stevens is a child raping, rival killing, sociopath, or just a lying manipulating sociopath, but what is certain is that Tom Stevens is a sociopath who lies and cheats to get what he wants.
Teddy Ruxpin, a talking child's toy whose words are about as relevant as anything Tom Stevens has to say said,
Come Dream With Me Tonight, go to sleep, sleeping time. Will you go to sleep before i do? This lovely night
Stevens has recently taken a number of fraudulent actions against the Libertarian Party of New York and its affiliates, including but not limited to,
  1. Incorporating a Non-Profit organization called "Libertarian Party of New York", which is in no way affiliated with the real LPNY.
  2. Registering the domains,, and, then trying to sell them to the real LPNY for $10,000
  3. Claiming to be chair of "Long Island Libertarians" an organization which he has never attended a meeting of, and was found by Bruce Allan Martin years ago.
  4. Claiming to have endorsed Randy Altschuler, the least Libertarian of all candidates in the Congressional race in New York's 1st District over the duly nominated candidate, Chris Cantwell.
  5. Supporting Sam Sloan in his feeble attempt to usurp the Libertarian Party nomination for governor of New York, which Warren Redlich won in a landslide victory at the LPNY convention.
And all this after being voted out of the LPNY by a 13-1 vote of the State Committee on over 300 charges of Bylaws violations including knowingly, seriously, and repeatedly disrupting meetings and activities of the LPNY, claiming to represent the LPNY while knowing that not to be the case, and following a continued public course of action knowing it to be contrary to the principles and objectives of the LPNY as set forth in Article I of the By-Laws.

 Tickle Me Elmo, another talking child's toy with more brains than Stevens and his co-conspirators said,
Ah Ha Ha Ha, That Tickles!

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